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To plan a program of action in which are formalized the commitments and the aims to which the equipment compromise because it is important and how the equipment is going to work as a whole to obtain the results. Encourage behaviors that align with the purpose and values​​€‹€‹, development of skills and knowledge and teamwork. And reward those performances again and again. Insist that members or team members do things best.Redirect the actions to achieve the goal. Avoid reprimands and punishments. Focus on recognition and rewards in response to the target. 此外,私人教练能够选择合适的运动为身体不同类型需要不同的训练。我听到有人说,没有,无需痛苦的任何增益。我相信,那些谁这样说,有肌肉体积在脑海中的实际收益。健身者有工作了很长的时间,使即使是最微小的收益和成本的僵硬和疼痛的身体通常缴足。但是也有其他的收获将来自作为一个很好的健身计划的结果。健康的身体是最重要的成果之一,但体育锻炼也确实创造奇迹为你的头脑和你的心理过程。 除了所有这些,最好是聘请一个人谁是灵活的,具备良好的沟通能力。并确保培训师是否是最新的心肺复苏和急救。第一次约会后,我们可以很容易地分析了教练,从而了解一个人是否可以去舒适的教练,如果是合适的人谁可以帮助实现健身目标等。 gym personal trainer